Textile production in Belarus is the largest one among Eastern Europe states and one of the largest in Europe. As a major driver for the development of the economy, the textile industry in Belarus is in the process of large-scale modernisation, funded through the national programme "Support to the modernisation of the Belarusian textile companies".

In this framework, UNITE project brings together the major players of the textile manufacturing sector in Belarus with partners from European Union countries and aims to build a cooperation framework between Industry and Academia in Belarus, transferring experience and knowhow from Greece, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Lithuania.

The project UNITE is based on three pillars:
- The development of UNITE council, bringing together all major stakeholders of the textile sector in Belarus, with the aim to facilitate cooperation between industry and academia.
- The development of liaison offices in the Belarusian Universities
- The development of the continuing professional development on-line courses in textile sector.