The exploitation activities focus on setting the ground for the use of project results by the Belarusian partners in the long term and to facilitate the transfer and exploitation of project results in other HEIs in Belarus.

The exploitation activities include the organization of meetings and workshops of UNITE Council and pilot operation of the liaison offices. Through these two activities there will be a formative evaluation of the operation of two structures, in order to improve them and ensure their smooth operation after the end of the project.

The project previews the organization of six exploitation workshops in Belarusian cities, for the presentation of the project results to HEIs and stakeholders from industry and governmental organizations including textile sector and other sectors in Belarusian economy (industrial sectors: wood manufacturing, metal manufacturing, primary sector: agriculture, livestock, third sector: business, trade etc). The aims of the workshops are to communicate the project results and initiate the development of networks of stakeholders in different sectors and the potential to form partnerships in the future.