The second meeting of the partners of UNITE project was held on 16 -17 September 2014 at the University of Ghent (Belgium).

The meeting was attended by 22 persons from 11 partners' organizations. The representative of the UGENT Prof. Lieva Van Langenhove opened the meeting and welcomed the participants to Ghent University. It was discussed extensively the progress of the project with reference to every completed deliverable, like the reports, the webpage, the brochure, the collaboration platform, the articles of the project, etc. Special attention was given to the dissemination plan and the quality assurance procedures of the project. An important subject of the meeting was the discussion of the financial issues of the project. All the participants presented their plans about the realization of the future deliverables.

Except of the discussion, all the participants were hosted to the laboratorial premises of the Textiles Department by the staff of the University.

Next meeting is planned in March at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.