The first meeting of the partners of UNITE project was held on 2 - 4 April 2014 at the Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus (TEI of Piraeus), which is the coordinator of the project.

The meeting was attended by 25 persons from 11 partners' organisations and it took place in a friendly and constructive atmosphere. The Vice-President of TEI of Piraeus Professor D. Tseles opened the meeting. As this was the first project meeting, the partners spent the first half day in introducing their organisations and getting to know each other. Then they worked on the different workpackages and deliverables of the project and they had extensive presentations and discussions on project management and financial management issues. The partners had a tour on TEI, they visited the library, the liaison office and some laboratories of the textile department.

During the meeting, there were planned social events, especially for the Belarussian partners, who visited Greece for the first time. The partnership had a tour in the centre of Athens and visited Acropolis and Acropolis museum.

Next meeting is planned in September in the University of Ghent in Belgium.