During September 2014 and exactly at the time interval 18-30 September at the premises of T.E.I. of Piraeus carried out intensive training courses by the staff of the institute. The seminars were attended by 15 persons, who will be appointed to staff the liaison offices of the three Belarusian universities: Vitebsk State Technological University, Mogilev State University of Food-Stuff, Belarus State Economic University. The training course included the following topics: Management procedures, Quality processes, Funding opportunities in R&D, Technology transfer, IPR, Cooperation with industry, Cooperation with EU HEIs, Vocational guidance, Conflict management etc.

• Dimitrios Tseles, Professor of Automation Department of T.E.I. Piraeus, Deputy-President of TEI of Piraeus.
• Panayotis Yannakopoulos, Professor in Dept. -of Computer Systems Engineering of TEI Piraeus.Member of committee of TEI of PIRAEUS.
• George Nicolaides, Professor at the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering of TEI Piraeus. Member of the Governing Board of TEI of PIRAEUS, Scientific Director of the Liaison Office S.E.C. T.E.I. of Piraeus.
• Georgios Priniotakis, PhD in Textiles Sensors, 2005 (Simulation of human body behavior during sweat production measured at textile electrodes), Ass. Professor, TEI of Piraeus, School of Applied Technology, Dept. of Textile Engineering (Piraeus, Greece).
• Maria Kaltsogianni, Coordinator and Education Advisor, Publicity & Information Dissemination Manager of Liaison Office S.E.C. T.E.I. of Piraeus (permanent stuff).
• Chris Tsitsis, Chris A. Tsitsis is nowadays the Quality Assurance Manager, responsible for the monitoring of labor market and follow up for TEI's graduates at the Liaison Office S.E.C. T.E.I. Piraeus (staff on fixed term contracts).
• Ioannis Chronis, Graduated from University of Patras Degree in Chemical Engineer, , DonauUniversitatKrems (Austria), Master in Telematics Management, Greek Open University, Master of Science in Open and Distance Learning, Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus
• Evangelos Louris, MSc in Textile Engineering, 1993 (Heat Resistant Organic Fibres).Lecturer, TEI of Piraeus, School of Applied Technology, Dept. of Textile Engineering (Piraeus, Greece). Industrial Business Consultant, with strong professional background in Industrial Business Operation Analysis.